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From Source to Sea: Tracing the Journey of Plastic Waste in River Ecosystems


Nicolas Durand

Plastic waste has permeated river ecosystems, leaving an indelible mark on both aquatic environments and the organisms that inhabit them. This comprehensive article traces the intricate journey of plastic waste from its sources on land to its eventual destination in the seas. Through an exploration of the pathways, impacts, and potential mitigation strategies, we illuminate the urgent need to address plastic pollution at its roots. By understanding the complex interplay between human activity, river dynamics, and plastic waste, we hope to inspire informed action and effective solutions to combat this pressing global issue. Rivers, often celebrated as lifelines of civilizations, have become conduits of an escalating global challenge – plastic pollution. In the wake of rapid industrialization and urban expansion, plastic waste has pervaded river ecosystems, leaving an enduring imprint on aquatic environments. This article embarks on a voyage that unveils the intricate journey of plastic waste from its genesis on land to its profound impact on river ecosystems and its onward voyage to the vast oceans.

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