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Pigmented Epibulbar Lesions: Overview


Furdova Alena, Alsalman Ali Jameel, Krcova Ivana, Horkovicova Kristina and Furdova Adriana

Eyes can be affected by a wide variety of epibulbar lesions. The incidence and prevalence of the epibulbar lesions is significantly high, with an incidence of 89.8% of the benign lesions as compared to the malignant lesions that accounted for 10.2% of the lesions. Considering the significance of the knowledge of the different types of epibulbar lesions, there is a need to perform a brief discussion of these lesions to develop the information of these lesions among the general population and the healthcare professionals. This would enable the successful diagnosis of the different types of epibulbar lesions. Epibulbar pigmented lesions include conjunctival epithelial melanosis, conjunctival freckle, primary acquired melanosis, conjunctival nevus, congenital ocular melanocytosis, and malignant melanoma.

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