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आयतन 6, मुद्दा 1 (2017)

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Reduce Defects by Controlling the Spraying Process via Images Compare and Revamping Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

Abed AM

Ideal-Standard factory suffers from disturbance in covering them Bathtubs by chemical liquid, which must cover all surfaces the same thickness. The main reason for that suffering is the emergence of bubbles in the liquid via vortex phenomenon (i.e., waste) that cause a defect in spraying process. This phenomenon is one of the hydrodynamic instability that pushes the liquid in the hoses with different ressures, then unbalance covers’ layer of spraying liquid on a Bathtubs and reduce its resists against heating circumstances. The Vortex flow is subject to a number of major structural changes involving very large disturbances when a characteristic ratio of catalyst to axial velocity components is varied. Therefore, this paper proposed a VSCM algorithm (vortex stream control map) that discusses via DMIAC roadmap through two phases. The first describes and detect the waste by imaging and monitoring the vortex and comparing them with standard saving in local database. The second use the Genetic code to select the best camera position and manipulating the database that used in decision making through control step to cessation spraying process if the bubbles move out of its allowable range.

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On the Development of Software and Information Support for Traffic Monitoring in the Cities of Ukraine

Stepanchuk O and Reitsen Y

The article discusses the main provisions regarding opportunities and necessity for developing information software for transportation surveys in the cities of Ukraine. A review is presented of the scientific papers and solutions which can be used to develop and implement an expert system of software and information support for transportation surveys in the cities.

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The Optimization of Query Processing in Sea Base Cloud Databases Based on CCEVP Model

Abdulkadir Ozdemir and Hasan Asil

A cloud database is a distributed database that can provide services for distributed data. The Sea Base is a cloud database that can offer integrated services from different databases. Several methods have been proposed for query processing in cloud databases. This study intends to propose a new method to optimize query processing in cloud databases. By detecting frequent queries sent to the database and keeping their execution plans, this method attempts to optimize query processing in the Sea Base. It is composed of three parts: separator, similarity detector and replacement policy. The results of system simulation show, that the system time response is reduced by 1.9 percent with this method. In future, this optimization can improve by improving the said parts.

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Productivity Improvement by Work Study Technique: A Case on Leather Products Industry of Bangladesh

Md. Abdul Moktadir, Sobur Ahmed, Fatema-Tuj-Zohra, Razia Sultana

In Bangladesh, leather and leather products sector plays a vital role for economy development. Productivity improvement can be helped to enrich profit of a leather products industry by minimizing excess work and developing new method for particular operation. Now a day, productivity improvement is a popular topic for any kinds of industry. So that improving productivity is one of the main concerns of leather products industries. Work study is most important tools that can help to increase productivity in leather products industry. Hence, this study helps to identify the bottleneck and suggest appropriate system to improve productivity. For this purpose, method study has been carried out by applying questioning techniques concept where recording and critical analysis of all related information has been performed in particular production line. As a result considerable amount of work content is reduced in the new improved method. Then time study has been taken by stopwatch and determined the basic time for all operation sequences and the capacity of each workstation per day has been calculated. By applying method study and work measurement in the industry at production line-Surma for ladies bag, productivity has been improved by 12.71%.

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Statistical Quality Control of Chemical Compositions of Rolled Products: A Case Study of the Light Section Mill of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited

Ocheri Cyril, Onyeji Lawrence Ibe, Ojonimi Ile Theophilus

Statistical Quality Control (SQC) analysis deals with quantitative data; it is also a scientific method of analyzing masses of numerical data so as to summarize the essential features and relationship of data in order to generalize from the analysis pattern behaviour, particular outcome or future tendencies. This research work focused on the use of statistical quality control to determine the behaviours of the determined chemical compositions of rolled products from the Light Section Mill of the Rolling Mills of the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited with a view to detecting and eliminating non -random (sporadic) variations in production process. The process monitored the performance of the chemical compositions of rolled products of medium carbon steel on a daily basis during the period of production from 29/04/06 to 29/05/06 for the production of rods from the Light Section Mill (LSM). The analyzed samples and data collected for critical characteristics were determined to ascertain if they shifted away from the purely random pattern (specified compositions). Ten samples were collected from the rolled products from the mill and were analyzed with a SPECTRO Analytical Instrument in the Quality Control and Materials Analysis in the Foundry Shop of the company, where the chemical compositions were determined as shown on the tables and they were also used to plot graphs for better understanding. Two control charts ( and )were used to determine the performance and to indicate if the process remained in control and whether there are variations, these will serve as early warning system for information to the production engineers, the quality control officers and management of the mill that something odd has probably happened to the production process.

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Economic Advantages of Utilizing the Integrated Quality Software Development Model

Mohammad Kanan, Gamal Weheba and Ramiz Assaf

New contemporary software development models try to tradeoff among the three major aspects of concern; Cost, time and meeting customer requirements. One of the recently introduced software development models is the Integrated Quality Software Development (IQSD). This model builds on the advantages of both the prototyping and waterfall models and eliminates their limitations. This research presents the development of a cost estimation function that quantifies the economic benefits of implementing the IQSD model. Numerical analysis indicated that the IQSD model outperforms traditional development models from an economic standpoint.

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Management of Radiation Exposure Photoelectric Properties of the Double-Barrier Structure Based on Silicon

Abasov FP and Vahabzadeh B

Developed and analyzed two-barrier structures-silicon-based photodetectors with high sensitivity in the field of integrated short-range. We studied the effect of gamma radiation on the origin of the current mechanism in the structure as awhole, and in the Schottky barrier in the p-n-transitions separately. Also, studied the effect of radiation on the photoelectric and photoluminescence parameters of the two-barrier structure. Shown that two barrier structures can improve the photoelectric parameters of conventional detectors. The photo detector on the basis of silicon with the increased integrated sensitivity in short-wave area of a range is developed. Influence radiation scale on the mechanism of currents of both in structure like Schottky’s barrier, and in р-п-transitions is investigated. It is shown that two-barrier structures allow to improve photo-electric parameters of traditional detectors. Investigated the impact of radiation on the photoelectric and photoluminescence parameters of two-barrier structures.

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Modelling of Enablers for Maintenance Management by ISM Method

Sachin Yadav and Ankur Sharma

The intent of this paper is to assert the enablers for maintenance management and indicates the strong relationship inaugurate between the enablers by using the interpretive structural modeling (ISM). A good maintenance organization presents clear roles and responsibilities, an adequate span of control, facilitation of good supervision, effective reporting, and a regular improvement culture. ISM is used here to refer to the systematic application of some elementary notions of graph theory in such a way that theoretical, conceptual, and computational leverage is exploited to efficiently construct a directed graph, or network representation, of the complex pattern of a contextual relationship among a set of elements. This work has tried to identify the barriers for successful implementation of maintenance management by manufacturing sectors to improve their performance. In this framework, total 15 barriers have been identified from literature review and expert meet from different interest areas for successful implementation of maintenance management. Effective implementation of MM will improve overall performance of organization in terms of lead time, manufacturing cost, machine breakdown and quality of product with reduction in product rejection. This paper is good for achieve continued improvement by evaluating performance, taking corrective actions, and measuring progress and prepare for future changes by anticipating needs and organizing flexibly

लघु संचार

Biomass Direct Liquefaction - Can This Process Become Fully Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly?

Mateus MM and Santos RG

This short opinion manuscript aims to show a point of view of someone, who believes in biorefineries as an essential tool for a better future. However there are still many unsolved issues, in particular, the lack of alternatives to organic solvents often needed. Although, the biorefineries will be a tool that we can develop and leave as an inheritance for future generations.

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