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आयतन 10, मुद्दा 12 (2021)

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Effect of Loop Length in Different Stitches on Dimensional and Mechanical Property of Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics

Alemayehu Assefa

Single jersey knitted fabrics are generally used to make underwear and outerwear. To investigate the impact of loop length and stitches design on the dimensional and mechanical properties of single jersey knitted fabrics, which are develop high-performance knitted goods has been expanded by changing the loop length and the type stiches design. To analysis the effect of loop length and stitches type on dimensional and mechanical property, 12 sample knitted fabrics by varying loop length such as 2.5mm,2.7mm,2.9mm and 3.0mm were produced by circular knitting machine. These sample fabrics were produced from 100% cotton 30Ne ring spun yarn by varying loop length and stitch design. The specimens used for sampling were determined like: CPI, WPI, GSM thickness, stiches density, breaking force and extensibility properties by using ASTM standards for each test fabric sample. As observed in the result, with an increase in loop length, the dimensional properties CPI, WPI, GSM, thickness and stitches density decreased for all the stitches design, while mechanical properties like maximum breaking force and extensibility increase with an increase loop length. Tuck stitch is thickest and heaviest of other stitches for each loop length and knit stitch is highest maximum breaking force and extensibility `of other stiches. Float stitches fabric is lightest in weight, thinnest in thickness, least extensibility, required lowest breaking force and highest stitch density when compare to tuck and knit stitches on each loop length. In general loop length and stitch design affects all the dimensional and mechanical properties of knitting fabric. This paper worked on single jersey, from the analysis grey stage of knit fabrics, that source will show better performance for the summer inner wear and some for winter outwear by change loop and stitch design.

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