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On the Transformation of Enterprise Operation Mode in the Era of Crossborder E-commerce: Taking Sam’s Club as an Example


Md. Hasan-Al Mamun, Zakaria, Md Nahiduzzaman, Rajon Ahmed, Lutfor Rahman

With the rapidly development of information technology, international business activities rely on e-commerce is also growing, e-commerce to reduce the time and space constraints of international business activities, transaction efficiency, market space to expand, so that international business activities to reduce costs and more convenient. For the traditional transnational chain retail enterprises, to keep up with the development trend of network information and large data, timely large-scale transformation of e-commerce in order to better respond to industry competition, maintain market position. This paper chooses the Sam's Club which is representative of the traditional multinational chain retailing enterprise Wal-Mart, and analyzes the history, present situation and future trend of Sam's Club's development. Sam’s club comes into the global network of economic competition era. The marketing model of Sam's Club also will change. E-Commerce marketing model is one of its development model, its establishment for the Sam's Club provides important survival and development platform, and promote Sam's Club by the traditional marketing model to the e-commerce environment. Sam's club change from the traditional marketing model to the marketing mode of electronic business environment. This paper analyzes the factors that influence the change of marketing mode of Sam's club under the e-commerce environment, which is SWOT, namely, the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Specifically, based on the theory of marketing model and e-commerce, the paper analyzes the influence of e-commerce environment on Sam's Club's marketing model, and constructs the theoretical model and puts forward hypothesis by analyzing various influencing factors. Finally, the regression analysis of the whole model, Sam's club members to achieve e-commerce marketing model of what changes occur, such as the change of membership system, platform changes and product changes. At the end of this paper, the problems be put forward that should be paid attention to in the process of the transformation of the marketing mode of Sam's club under the electronic commerce environment, and hopes that the development of Sam’s club will be better and better.

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