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Improving PSD of PPM-IR for UWB Signal Using Turbo Encoder


Mohammed Jabbar

The repression of the spectral line is a matter of main attention in designing of Time Hopping Impulse Radio (TH-IR) Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) systems. This case has been usually processed by randomizing the locations of every pulse. This requires to employ of very long Pseudo Noise (PN) sequences to suppress the capabilities of spectral lines. This research aims to improve the Power Spectral Density (PSD) by constructing the proposed system using Turbo code technique inside MATLAB’s Simulink. We found that our proposed system provides high performance than Conventional PPM-TH-IR in term of eliminating the spectral lines or make it smoother. We also found that the increasing in interleaver length and constraint length enhances PSD.

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