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Designing and Engineering of Automatic Board Cleaner Using CNC Based Mechanism


Nahinur Rahman1*, Argha Sikder2

Report has been written on designing and engineering automatic board cleaner to introduce a new advance mechanism for erasing the board. In previous projects, the mechanism used for erasing the board was failed to achieve its true potential of decreasing erasing time and eventually increasing or optimizing the lecture duration. The reason behind this was if the lecturer had written a small word in a portion of the board, the duster used to erase the whole board, not just that portion. And the mechanism used too were very slow and outdated. These are the areas where we focused to improved. The present demand of the market & customers is always main priority for developing the demand. So, we developed the product using survey analysis, quality function deployment and TOPSIS. And it was run by using updated technology of CNC based 3D printing mechanism.

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