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A Review on Corrosion Resistant of Cu-Al Joints


Winmin Long

This paper discussed the research profile on corrosion resistance of Cu-Al joints. The review indicated that it was difficult to avoid the corrosion formation in the Cu-Al joint due to the heterogeneous chemical composition and structure. Factors influencing the corrosion resistance of Cu-Al joints could be divided into three categories, the first one is the effect of alloy itself (such as alloy composition, mixed impurities, alloy structure, heat treatment, metal surface condition, stress and strain), the second one is the effect of the surrounding environment (such as corrosion medium, temperature and stress) and the last one is the effect of equipment design and process and anti-corrosion measures (such as spray coating). Hence excellent joints with high-corrosion resistance could be ensured if researchers could take a good use of these factors. Finally, suggestions about the further research orientation on Cu-Al corrosion protection were given.

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