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A Designed System for Providing Solutions to Basic Engineering Problems


Paul Tamaragaibi

Engineering and the manner in which engineers think is largely visual and functional, and yet engineers are typically provided with a lot of other basic engineering problems to be solved and applied to complex ones. This paper present a designed software for providing solutions to some basic engineering problems. C++ programming language was used in writing the codes. The paper explains the activities involved in C++program development and touched areas such as the general concept of programming, programming languages, compilation and interpretation, storage and execution, functional lines to which computer programs maybe categorized. Several engineering problems and their various real-world applications were considered to accomplish the aim of the work. The problem requirements were properly understood, and the program adequately developed using the Dev-C++ software. The program was coded in a modular fashion, and constructed in a manner that can be fairly understood. Algorithms and flow charts for the basic engineering problems considered were obtained and using formula translation, solutions to such issues were dynamically programmed using the Dev C++ software. The results from the developed software when compared with other methods such as numerical and approximate analytical solutions were observed to be the same. The developed software is however, more user friendly and can be implemented at A Level Higher Institutions, as well as have many other real-world applications.

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