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आयतन 11, मुद्दा 7 (2021)

छोटी समीक्षा

Smart Work Wear to Enhance Construction Workersâ?? Health and Safety in Hot Weather

Albert PC Chan

Warmth stress might cause genuine wellbeing dangers to development laborers. The Hong Kong Observatory recorded ninth August as the most sizzling day in 2019 with the most noteworthy temperature of 35.1o C.


Advances in Nano Fibrous Composites

Gokarneshan N,Krishna Kumar V

The article audits some critical patterns being developed of Nano sinewy composites. Polymeric Nano fibers as quite possibly the most known nanotechnology items have tremendous expected applications in many fields because of their high perspective proportion and porosity, being fit for arrangement of three-dimensional designs and having incredible mechanical and natural properties.


Ongoing Advances in Jute Coloration

Gokarneshan N,Pachaiyappan KM,Kalaiselvi K

This purpose of this study is to rebuild a website in a major office of textile industry and be able to build a system which can be used there. The research method used in this paper was qualitative descriptive method, which is an actual or accurate systematic description or writing about facts, as well as the relation between phenomena in detail. This research method was used since the process of scientific research conducted was interpreting and explaining the data concerned with the situation that is happening in the Central Textile. The goal is to create a new system using that major office of textile industry website. And customers will find it easier and faster to perform business processes.

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