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आयतन 8, मुद्दा 3 (2019)

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Accounting 2020 November 13-14, 2020| Vancouver, Canada

Julia Scot

Accountants, and the accounting functions, are the backbone of a business. This department is responsible for the recording, reporting and analyzing financial transactions within a business or corporation so it’s imperative that information be recorded properly. Generally in large businesses this function is broken out into receivables and payables and has a team of individuals associated with each.

समीक्षा लेख

Choice of Location among Entrepreneurs in MSMES: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to the Northern and Southern Regions of Kerala

Shacheendran V and Tomy Mathew

Entrepreneurship is considered as the engine of economic growth and development. The choice of location by a prospective entrepreneur assumes great role in deciding entrepreneurial development in regions. The location which is backward regions. It is in this context, the present paper examines location choices of entrepreneurs in MSMES preferred more, is likely to have development and growth of entrepreneurship. Identifying factors influencing location choice is important for developing entrepreneurially. The study has found that there is significant difference in choice of location for entrepreneurship between the regions in a State and as compared to another region, the region with comparatively lesser infrastructural facilities is preferred lesser for pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

शोध आलेख

Economic Evaluation of Innovativeness and Effectiveness of Management Decisions in Developing Countries of the World

Sailau Baizakov and Baizakov NA

New eco-economic system of commodity-money management
The issues of algorithmization of achieving the sustainable development goals of economics of developing countries of the world are considered. The place of the S. Baizakov’s model system is determined, which is compared to the FAO models for ensuring the productive safety of the world countries, proposed by the World Bank, as well as by the OECD management criteria system.

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