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आयतन 6, मुद्दा 4 (2017)

लघु संचार

Analysis of Trends in the Effect of Online Marketing on the Traditional Kirana Stores and Their Tackling Strategies

 Tripti Gupta

The traditional kirana stores and local retail markets have always been well established and deep rooted in India for centuries. Even in the modern times, it was not before the advent of the e-commerce sites, that their domination could be challenged. This paper, is an attempt to analyze the effects of the e-commerce websites on the growth and development of various conventional businesses as individual ventures and as the business society as a whole in the NCR of the country. The paper attempts to present an analysis pertaining to the after-effects of the attempts made by the businesses to keep afloat. The sample will potentially include businessmen from different traditional markets and local stores to maintain heterogeneity in the sample. The subjects under the study were taken keeping in mind the variety in locality, expansion and the age of the business and the proprietors.

शोध आलेख

Nigerian Shoppers/Consumers Preferences for Foreign and Domestic Products: Case Study of Clothes and Shoes

 Scholastica Ebarefimia Udegbe

Based on extant literature, studies have shown that consumers adjust their attitudes toward a product according to its country-of-origin. This could be local home country bias or foreign country bias depending on individual orientation. The study compares Nigerian shoppers/consumer preferences for foreign and domestic produced clothes and shoes. The study focus on general product attributes, marketing activities and buying habits as preference indicators. The study also uses survey data of traders and shoppers to explain the issue. The research was conducted in Lagos and the samples selected include 600 respondents of both youth and adult between the ages of 16-60 years. The data were collected based on convenience sample from shoppers and traders in Lagos shopping malls and also Balogun/Tinubu market in Lagos Island-the most popular market for sales of clothes and shoes in Lagos. Collected data for the research was through questionnaire distribution to both youth and adults. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, percentages and t-test analysis. The findings indicated that Nigerian shoppers/consumers show more positive preference to foreign made clothes and shoes than to made in Nigeria, and that they are willing to pay higher price for foreign made clothes and shoes because they know that it is of a superior quality than made in Nigeria ones. Results also suggest that country of manufacture and product quality strongly influence consumer decision of purchasing foreign available clothes and shoes. The study provides insights with respect to Nigerian’s preference of foreign made clothes and shoes to locally-made ones.

शोध आलेख

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Turnover Intentions: The Role of Organizational Commitment and Perceive Organizational Support

 Muhammad Waheed Akhtar, Atif Shabir , Muhammad Shahid Safdar and Muhammad Saeed Akhtar

 The purpose of this research is to investigate the moderating role of Perceived Organizational Support in the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and organizational commitment, investigate the mediating role of organizational commitment in the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and turnover intentions. Data were gathered through self-administered questionnaire from a sample of 348 employees working in telecom industry located in Lahore. The data were analysed statistically using IBM SPSS Statistics 22 to find out correlation and regression analysis between study variables, reliability of research instrument, strength of relationship between independent and dependent variables, mediating effect of organizational commitment in the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and turnover intentions, moderating effect Perceived Organizational Support in the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and organizational commitment was also substantiated. Findings suggest that Emotional Intelligence have a positive impact on organizational commitment, Emotional Intelligence have a negative impact on turnover intentions, and organizational commitment mediate the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and turnover intentions, and Perceived Organizational Support moderate the relation between Emotional Intelligence and organizational commitment.

शोध आलेख

The Mediating Role of Product Familiarity in Consumer Animosity

Sevtap Unal

Consumer animosity relates to individuals’ negative feelings toward a specific foreign country product, so it implies the antipathy toward a country and its people. But several factors have an influence on perceived animosity and willingness to buy foreign products. This research’s aim is two-fold; one is to focus on the relationship between Country of Origin (COO), animosity and consumer ethnocentrism; to test whether they are distinct concepts, and to determine the precedence and consequence of concepts. Second is to test the moderating role of product familiarity in the US consumers’ willingness to buy Turkish product taking into consideration effect of Country of Origin, ethnocentrism, and animosity. Findings showed that consumer ethnocentrism and animosity are related concepts and animosity is the antecedent of consumer ethnocentrism whereas COO and animosity aren’t related, and COO has no effect on willingness to buy the foreign product. The results showed that product familiarity has a moderating effect on consumer animosity and buying the foreign product.

शोध आलेख

Investigation the Effect of Country-of-Origin on Consumer Perception and Purchase Intention of Luxury Brands: Case Study - Luxury Branded of Switzer Watches

Mohammad Ali Abdolvand, Atoosa Forough and Sam Tavakkoli Targhi

The influence of Country-of-Origin (CoO) has been the focus on a lot of studies in international marketing fields. The concepts of consumer perception and purchase intention have a mutual relationship; assume importance in the study of country of origin effects. This research attempts to investigate the influence of country of origin towards consumer perception and purchase intention of luxury branded of Switzer watches in context of Iran. Finally regression analysis was used on data in order to test hypothesizes of study. The results strengthens our understanding of the CoO effect to consumer’s purchasing intention specially when product’s country of origin considering luxury brands. These results also contribute for a company that wishes to expand internationally in a geographic area and to the theoretical controversy concerning the importance of CoO in the consumer perception and purchasing intention on decision making process.

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