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आयतन 10, मुद्दा 4 (2021)


Prediction of Bank Indonesia Interest Rates By Analyzing Inflation Rate in Indonesia From 2003 – 2016

Dodi Irwan Siregar

Inflation is a tendency to increase the price level continuously, which can affect individuals, businesses, and government, while the amount of capital goods demanded (investment) is highly dependent on the interest rate (interest) as a measure of the cost of funds used to finance the investment. That is why if interest rates are high, then investment or projects are less compared to when interest rates are low. This study uses simple linear regression analysis to predict and predict changes in the value of certain variables when other variables change. Correlation is one of the statistical analysis techniques used to find the relationship of how strong the relationship between one variable with other variables that are quantitative. By using a linearity test where f count > f tabel is 26.70046 > 3.885 Then, Ho is rejected. This means that a simple linear regression analysis can be used to predict Bank Indonesia interest rate fluctuations by analyzing the inflation rate in Indonesia. Obtained a simple linear regression equation is Y = 4.4292 + 0.479694X, the relationship of the independent variables and the dependent variable above is 0.830618 with the relationship is superior correlation, the scale ranges from 0.76 to 1.00. ie where t count > t table = 5.1672 > 2.179, then Ho is rejected, meaning that there is a large (significant) influence between the BI interest rate on the inflation rate in Indonesia, the higher the BI interest rate, the greater the inflation in the State of Indonesia.


A study of the determinants of Effective Relationship Marketing Practices on Organisational Growth in the Medium Sized Hotel Industry of Pakistan

Umair Zahid, Rizwan Tariq, Nosheen Maqbool, Mudasir Hussain, Junaid Khan and Patrice Seuwou

The current study evaluates the determinants of effective relationship marketing (RM) practices on the organisational growth in the medium sized hotel industry of Pakistan. To attain the information about the topic, Hotel Days Inn has been selected. The current study has used the quantitative research design for obtaining the desired information. The developed survey questionnaire was distributed among the 273 customers of the Hotel Days Inn. In the study, a series of non-parametric tests like Chi-square, Descriptive analysis, and Spearman Rank Correlation was performed for quantitative findings. With the help of such statistical findings, it was observed that most of the research variables were taken into consideration due to their positive relationship with the organisational growth. That is, the Spearman correlation value for the customer satisfaction and organisational growth was calculated as 0.968 explaining the strong relation between the research variables. The developed research also displays different determinants for RM practices that has a direct influence on the organisational growth of the medium sized hotel industry of Pakistan. The acquired results of research also help the researcher in developing recommendations. These recommendations were based on the targeting practices of the hotels for attracting the customers and hiring of the trained and skilled staff that can positively influence the organisational growth and improve the RM practices.


Forerunners and outcomes of brand loyalty: A study of young consumers in Pakistan

Aleem Raza*, Sumbal Butt and Muhammad Asif

The objective of this study was to propose and empirically examine a consolidative conceptual model which tests the effect of perceived quality, brand awareness, perceived value and brand uniqueness on brand loyalty and the effect of brand loyalty on positive WOM. The study adopted a quantitative methodology involving data collection through structured questionnaire from 410 young consumers of national brands by adopting convenience sampling technique. Structured Equation Modelling was used to analyse the data through AMOS 24. The empirical results support the predictions of this study. The findings revealed that perceived quality, brand awareness, perceived value and brand uniqueness have positive relationship with brand loyalty. Moreover, brand loyalty was positively related to the positive WOM. The current study makes its significant contribution to the field of brand management by investigating effect of four dimensions of brand equity on brand loyalty. In addition, the study provides new insights to literature and practice by investigating the effect of brand loyalty on positive WOM. The findings of this study will help brand managers and marketers to identify the appropriate and effective strategies to establish and improve the consumer brand loyalty.


Hellenic Winery: The prospects for growth through new management and marketing strategies and the potential for permeation into international markets: The case of ‘Ktima Gerovassiliou Winery’ as a typical example of the new era

Nikolaos Kartalis and Georgakoudis Ioannis

Some Hellenic wineries have succeeded, after a concerted effort during the last decade, to create quality products and the infrastructure to gain recognition of international markets. They set aside the traditionally cheap wine which was offered for decades, and they have focused on quality wine that highlights the particular characteristics and varieties of the Greek land. They are constantly awarded in major international competitions for their quality, authenticity and diversity.

In 2009, for the first time in the history, Greek winemaking sector developed a strategic marketing plan so as Greek wine to acquire its own unique identity that will make it recognizable internationally. It also identified the target countries to which export efforts should focus. Greek wine prevails in the Greek market with rates above 90% but exports are stagnating in volume. It is encouraging though that there is a remarkable growth in the value of exports. Therefore, there are large margins of development for an economic activity that is estimated to consist of about 1200 wineries, 180.000 growers and thousands of executives and employees. Among the pioneers of the new era, the ‘Gerovassiliou Winery’ shows the way for the development of an industry that is active in an extremely competitive environment and in an economy experiencing a significant recession in recent years. Extroversion is the keyword for Hellenic wineries, which at the same time should maintain their dominant position on the Greek market against imported wines.

Examination and analysis of the domestic and international market conditions and trends of marketing are key elements for defining the management strategies that should be followed from wineries and the selection of an appropriate marketing mix. This is important for the growth of such companies, which by increasing their profitability and creating new jobs will simultaneously help the Greek economy in the recovery effort.

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