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आयतन 4, मुद्दा 4 (2015)

शोध आलेख

Stability of Convergence Theorems of the Noor Iteration Method for an Enumerable Class of Continuous Hemi Contractive Mapping in Banach Spaces

Akanksha Sharma, Kalpana Saxena and Namrata Tripathi

The purpose of this is to study the Noor iteration process for the sequence {xn} converges to a common fix point for enumerable class of continuous hemi contractive mapping in Banach spaces.

शोध आलेख

Zoonotic Visceral Leishmania: Modeling and Control

Zamir Muhammad and Rahmat Ali

In this work we focus on the transmission dynamics of Visceral strains of leishmania, using mathematical model with two latent compartments in human. From the governing differential equations of the model, we find the reproductive number R0; the number of secondary infection and its biological interpretation. Using Routh- Hurwitz criteria on upper bound matrix, the threshold condition, for stability of the Disease Free State, is calculated. Finally we show that the disease free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if R0<<ξ 11.

लघु संचार

Implementation of LMS-ALE Filter using Vedic Algorithm

Jintu K Joseph and Purushotham U

ALE or adaptive line Enhancers are special kinds of adaptive filters widely used in noise cancellation circuits. In circuits where we don’t have any prior knowledge of signal and noise, fixed filters unit never works good. Among adaptive filter ring algorithms LMS algorithm is very common, in our work also we use LMS algorithm. LMS-ALE filters removes the sinusoidal noise signals present in the channel by calculating the filter coefficients in every iteration. LMS-ALE filter has large number of multiplier units. FFT or Fast Fourier Transform blocks present in LMS algorithm again consist of large array of multiplier units. Optimization of LMS-ALE filter lies must start from optimization of multiplier blocks. Here we use Vedic “Vertical and crosswise algorithm” for multiplier design. When compared to conventional booth multiplier based LMS-ALE filter units, Vedic multipliers gives more performance in areas like resource utilization, power requirement, delay etc. The work includes designing Vedic multipliers, complex Vedic multipliers, redesigning Radix-8 FFT using Vedic multipliers, redesigning LMS block using Vedic FFT, redesigning LMS ALE filter using Vedic multipliers and Vedic LMS blocks. Major part of design is done in Verilog using Xilinx ISE design suite. ADC block present in LMS-ALE filter is done in Matlab version 2013.

लघु संचार

Existence of Multiple Solutions for P-Laplacian Problems Involving Critical Exponents and Singular Cylindrical Potential

Mohammed El Mokhtar Ould El Mokhtar

In this paper, we establish the existence of multiple solutions for p-Laplacian problems involving critical exponents and singular cylindrical potential, by using Ekeland’s variational principle and mountain pass theorem without Palais-Smale conditions.

शोध आलेख

Radiation Effect of MHD on Cu-water and Ag-water Nanofluids Flow over a Stretching Sheet: Numerical Study

Nader Y Abd Elazem, Abdelhalim Ebaid and Emad H Aly

Recently, the flow and heat transfer of nanofluids has attracted much attention due to their wide applications in industry and engineering. In this paper, the authors introduce numerical investigation for the effect of radiation on the steady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow and heat transfer of Cu-water and Ag-water nanofluids flow over a stretching sheet. In addtion, the effects of various physical parameters such as, radiation, solid volume fraction, suction/injection and magnetic on involved phenomena are discussed in details through graphs. The numerical results reveal that as parameter of radiation increases, the rate of energy transported to the fluid increases, consequently an increase in temperature occurs. Also, the velocity profile of the Ag–water nanoï¬Ã‚‚uid is relatively less than that of the Cu–water nanoï¬Ã‚‚uid by increasing the volume fraction and suction/injection parameters while, the converse is valid in the case of the temperature profile. Finally, It is observed that the Ag–water nanoï¬Ã‚‚uid has higher skin friction coefficient than the Cu–water nanoï¬Ã‚‚uid while, a converse behaviour is found in the case of the Nusselt number.

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Conformal Cartesian Grids for Symmetric Bodies: A Novel Boundary Fitted Grid Method

Karabelas SJ

A novel Cartesian grid discretization method is developed to simulate two and three dimensional problems, governed by partial differential equations. In the present approach, the grid points lie exactly onto the surface of an immersed object or of the domain’s boundaries, allowing for accurate imposition of the surface boundary conditions. This is well demonstrated for symmetric objects, but it can be also extended for non-symmetric shapes. The method intrinsically possesses higher accuracy than the conventional body fitted or Immersed Boundary Methods, since the implemented grid is universally orthogonal and the boundary conditions are imposed precisely onto the surface, without any interpolation or tuning of the governing equations. Conformal Cartesian Grids bridge the topology of
Cartesian grid methods with the treatment of the surface boundary conditions, which is adopted in conventional bodyfitted grid approaches. Emphasis is given in a two dimensional fluid dynamics problem to demonstrate this approach. A finite difference code has been developed, which encompasses the present methodology. Space discretization is performed via the second order accurate central difference scheme and time discretization by the fourth order accurate Runge-Kutta method. The flow past a cylinder at low Reynolds number is resolved to validate the accuracy
and performance of the method. Two different flow regimes are thoroughly investigated at Re numbers varying from 10 up to 100 based on the cylinder’s diameter. Computed results agree well with the available measurements and numerical computations in literature. Three dimensional results are also briefly presented mainly for revealing the applicability of the method.

शोध आलेख

New Method for Homogeneous Smoluchowski Coagulation Equation

Sadri K and Ebrahimi H

In this paper, variational iteration method is employed to solve the homogenous Smoluchowski coagulation
equation. The intervals of validity of the solutions will be extended by using Pade approximation. Error will be decrease, as it is expected. The numerical results show the effectiveness and the simplicity of the methods.

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Computation by Intention and Electronic Image of the Brain

Resconi G and Licata I

Neurons as active unities are connected one with the others by synapses in an electronic way. We argue
that brain is not comparable with digital computer with algorithms because intention as software is introduced as transformation in the neural states without any digital reduction. Any electronic system has voltages and currents sources and complex interconnected impedances. By electronic system and neural network we have different possibilities to introduce Freeman intentional transformation in the brain. One is to use source voltages (sensor) to generate wanted behavior of currents (internal flows of the signals) with the same impedance network. We can also reverse the process: given the behavior of the currents we generate wanted voltages transformation (effectors as muscles) with the same impedance. Another possibility is to change the impedance network (memory) to generate wanted internal current. When intention is transformation of references, geometry changes and also the form of
straight line (geodesic). Special reference and geometry can be modeled by the electrical power as metric. Different types of brain geometries as hyperbolic geometry of waves and elliptic geometry of stable states are discussed with examples. Because we have waves in brain, Karl Pribram created holographic model of brain that by scattering and transmitted matrix can be joined to electronic model. Mechanical system metrics are implemented in the neural network as electronic network.

शोध आलेख

Fixed Point Theorem of Iterated Function System

Songil R

In 2012, Bessem, Calogero and Pasquale proved some fixed point theorem which improved the Banach contraction theorem. Iterated function systems (IFS) were introduced by Hutchinson in 1981 as a natural generalization of the well-known Banach contraction principle. The purpose of this paper is to study the iterated function system using Bessem, Calogero and Pasquale mappings.

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Applying an Intelligent Dynamic Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Multi-Objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Maintenance Considerations

Abbasian M, Nosratabadi HE and Fazlollahtabar H

In this paper, a multi-objective flexible dynamic job shop scheduling problem (MO-FDJSPM) with maintenance constraint is studied. The objectives of the scheduling are maximizing the completion time, mean job rotation time and mean components' tardiness. Also, in order to adapt with the internal disruptions of the manufacturing system, such as breakdown of existing machines, we consider the machines availability (so called maintenance) as a constraint. The multi-objective mathematical model is formulated and a genetic algorithm (GA) with dynamic bidimensional chromosomes along with a heuristic algorithm to handle maintenance sub-problem is developed as solution approach. In proposed algorithm, since the control parameters change intelligently and dynamically during implementation and optimization process, the early convergence and trapping in local optimum are reduced leading to performance improvement. The performance of the proposed approach is evaluated with respect to convergence speed and solutions quality. The results of computations verify and confirm both two evaluation criteria.

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Folding of Digraphs

Elkholy EM, Sakr IA and Ahmed H

In this paper we introduced the definition of dibipartite graphs, complete dibipartite graphs and digraph folding, and then we proved that any dibipartite graph can be folded but the complete dibiparatite graph can be folded to an arc. By using adjacency matrices we described the digraph folding.


Comparison between Gaussian and Non- Gaussian using Different Schemes of Dispersion Parameters for I131 and Cs137

Khaled SM Essa and Sawsan EM Elsaid

In this work, Gaussian and non-Gaussian schemes are used to calculate the concentration for isotopes Iodine (I131) and Cesium (Cs137), using average value for wind speed and different schemes of dispersion parameters. The statistical technique is used to know the best model for calculating isotopes. The most points of the Gaussian and non-Gaussian schemes lie inside a factor of two with observed concentrations.

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A Review on Applications of the Wavelet Transform Technique in Spectral Analysis

Medhat ME

Starting from 1989, a new technique known as wavelet transforms (WT) has been applied successfully for analysis of different types of spectra. WT offers certain advantages over Fourier transforms for analysis of signals. A review of using this technique through spectral analysis is presented. The mathematical principles of applying WT in processing gamma spectra have been discussed.

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