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आयतन 3, मुद्दा 6 (2014)


The Mathematics of the Brain

Orlando Gomes

There are many perspectives from which one can approach individual decision-making. Economics and other social sciences typically take an outward-oriented point of view, such that the main determinant of choices is not the set of cognitive capabilities of the individual but the object of the choice itself. Decisions are taken after carefully weighting benefits and costs.

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Quantum Perspectives of Consciousness, Cognition and Creativity: The Dirac Equation in a New Contour Integral Model of Brain Plasticity

Rossi EL and Rossi KL

The quantum dynamics of consciousness, cognition and creativity are entangled in seemingly mysterious relationships with the classical Newtonian world view. Penrose, for example, believes that a completely new theory is required to integrate the classical and quantum perspectives on the royal road to reality. Mathematicians and physicists typically address such issues with questions about how cosmos and consciousness are related via the “Objective Reduction of the Quantum Wave Function” to Classical Newtonian Reality as people typically experience it. Aspects of the Penrose and Dirac quantum oriented perspectives of consciousness and cognition are integrated in this paper with recent RNA/DNA psychosocial genomic research in the classical-to-quantum and quantum-toclassical loops of information transduction that are proposed to account for so-called quantum weirdness as well as creativity and psychological crises in problem solving. Quantum perspectives are integrated with applications of the Dirac equation in a new contour integral model of brain plasticity, consciousness, cognition and creativity that could be utilized in translational medicine, psychotherapy and counseling. The development of new psychosocial genomic chips for documenting the loops of information transduction between consciousness and cognition to verbalization, RNA/DNA transcription, brain plasticity, new neural networks and the 4-stage creative cycle is recommended for facilitating further research on a quantum field theory of the human condition.

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Solvability of Higher Order (p,q) Laplacian Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Prasad KR, Kumar KR and Murali P

In this paper, we establish the existence of positive solutions to a coupled system of higher order (p, q)-Laplacian two-point boundary value problem, by using Guo-Krasnosel’skii fixed point theorem for operators on a cone in a Banach space.

राय लेख

On the Relevance of Stochastic Controls

Orlando Gomes

Many scientifically relevant problems share two salient features. First, they are dynamic; second, they involve uncertainty. Hence, it is natural that researchers would be concerned with the study of events taking place in stochastic dynamic settings.

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Uniformly Starlike Functions and Uniformly Convex Functions Associated with the Struve Function

Srivastava HM, Murugusundaramoorthy G and Janani T

In this paper, our goal is to determine sufficient conditions for the family of Struve functions in order to belong to the classes of uniformly convex functions and uniformly starlike functions in the open unit disk U. Several corollaries and consequences of our main results are also derived.

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Comparison of Geant 4, MCNP Simulation Codes of Studying Attenuation of Gamma rays through Biological Materials with XCOM and Experimental Data

Medhat ME, Shirmardi SP and Singh VP

Biological materials (Blood, Bones, and Muscle) at different photon energies (59.5, 81.0, 356.5, 661.6, 1173.2 and 1332.5 keV). Appreciable variations are noted for attenuation coefficients by changing the photon energy and the chemical composition of the samples. The numerical simulations attenuation coefficients were compared with experimental data wherever possible and the XCOM theoretical data. The simulations show that the simulated mass attenuation coefficient values are very close to experimental values better than the other obtained theoretical data base for the same samples. The results indicate that MCNP and Geant4 simulation codes can be applied to estimate mass attenuation for various biological materials at different energies. Monte Carlo method may be employed to make additional calculations on the photon attenuation characteristics of different biological sample for unknown experimental data.

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An Extended Endochronic Theory Formulation of Plastically Deformed Damaged Indian Bamboo under Uniaxial Compression

Fozao DS, Foudjet EA, Fokwa D and Kouam A

This paper presents a series of uniaxial compressive loading tests carried out on cylindrical samples of Indian bamboo, together with a stress strain model. The bamboo species Oxytenantera abyssinica, from the Congo Basin forest is used for these tests. The non-linear behavior of Indian bamboo may be attributed to two distinct mechanisms, plasticity and damage. These two mechanisms are described by the endochronic theory of plasticity and continuum damage mechanics. A dissipative model, taken into account plasticity and damage through various parameters is proposed. The parameters of the model are deduced from monotonic and cyclic uniaxial compressive tests. The proposed stress-strain modelis compared to the tests results and it can be found that the model fits well with experimental results.

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