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आयतन 11, मुद्दा 6 (2022)

शोध आलेख

Effect of Various Parameters on Velocity, Temperature and Concentration Distriutions Distributions

Ayele Tulu and Wubshet Ibrahim

In this paper, the problem of unsteady two-dimensional mixed convection heat, mass transfer flow of nanofluid past a moving wedge embedded in porous media is considered. The effects of nanoparticle volume fraction, thermal radiation, viscous dissipation, chemical reaction, and convective boundary condition are studied. The physical problem is modeled using partial differential equations. The transformed dimensionless system of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations is then solved numerically using Spectral Quasi Linearization Method (SQLM). Effects of various parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration distributions as well as skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt number and local Sherwood number are shown using table and graphical representations. The results reveal that the nano fluid velocity and temperature profiles reduce with increasing the values of nanoparticle volume fraction. Greater values of temperature and concentration distributions are observed in the steady flow than unsteady flow. The skin friction coefficient and local Sherwood number are increasing functions while the local Nusselt number is a decreasing function of nanoparticle volume fraction, permeability parameter, Eckert number, Dufour number, and Soret number. The obtained solutions are checked against the previously published results and a very good agreement have been obtained.

शोध आलेख

One Method for the Numerical Resolution of One Type of Fractional Differential Equation of Euler-Lagrange

L. H. D. L. Raharimina, G. Rasolomampiandry and F. Randimbindrainibe

We propose in this article one method of numerical resolution using the programming under Matlab of one of the fractional differential equations of Euler-Lagrange containing a composition of the left and right fractional derivatives of order α, 0< α<1, of Riemann-Liouville and Caputo respectively.

छोटी समीक्षा

Evolution of Electric and Magnetic Parts of Weyl Tensor in a Space-time

Monika Sati and Kailash Petwal

The present paper is intended to study of the evolution of Electric and Magnetic parts of Weyl tensor in a space-time; in particular to measure the components of parts of Weyl tensor of an observer with a time-like 4-unit vector we have attempted to describe the tensors, which are the parts of Weyl tensor concerning for to the observeru. Further, we have established that if eigenvalues of any matrix are zero, real and imaginary then it is a part of Weyl tensor. Afterward, the cases from Petrov types have been obtained therein.

मामला का बिबरानी

Modelling the Effect of Depletion Rate of Forestry Resources due to Industrialization on the Effect of Population and Population Augmented Industrialization on Forestry Resources

Jonathan Ezeorah and E N Ekaka-A

In this work, we used the 0de45 to simulate the behavior of the dynamical system of the nonlinear system of ordinary differential equation at equilibrium. It is shown that if the forest resources is maintained at the given equilibrium, the activities of man will not affect the stability of the forest resource biomass but a little below the equilibrium the system will be unstable.

शोध आलेख

MMORPG Data Recovery from Player to Player Interactions: Dead Acquisition Including Game Modification Files

Kayla J Schneider

Imagine a world that allows for open, unmonitored communication, and the ability to trade currency between individuals anonymously. An environment such as this would present itself as a prime location for malicious intent. Money laundering, exploitation, theft, harassment, and stalking could potentially go unnoticed. When discussing World of warcraft or fortnite, malicious intent would generally not come to mind. However, this is precisely the type of environment that massively multiplayer online role-playing games provide.

शोध आलेख

List of Graph Obtained from Folding a Graph

Entesar Mohamed El-Kholy and H. Ahmed

In this paper we examining the relation between graph folding of a given graph and folding of new graphs obtained from this graph by some techniques like dual, gear, subdivision, web, crown, simplex, crossed prism and clique sum graphs. In each case, we obtained the necessary and sufficient conditions, if exist, for these new graphs to be folded. A simplex graph κ (G ) of an undirected graph G is itself a graph with a vertex for each clique in G . Two vertices of κ (G ) are joined by an edge whenever the corresponding two cliques differ in the presence or absence of a single vertex. The single vertices are called the zero vertices

शोध आलेख

An Interior-Point Method for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Problem with Trust-Region Mechanism

Bothina El-Sobky, Gehan Ashry and Yousria Abo-Elnaga

We introduced an algorithm to solve a Non Linear Constrained Optimization (NLCO) problem in this paper. This algorithm follows Das’s idea of Newton’s interiorpoint method that uses a diagonal matrix of Coleman and Li for NLCO problems. A Trust-Region (T-R) mechanism is used to globalize the algorithm. This algorithm follows Byrd and Omojokun’s idea of step decomposition. It is a successful idea to overcome the difficulty of having an infeasible quadratic T-R sub problem and converts the quadratic T-R sub problem into two unconstrained T-R sub problems.

A global convergence theory of the algorithm is studied under five standard assumptions. This algorithm is different and maybe simpler than similar ideas such that the global convergence theory is not depending on the linear independence assumption on the gradients of the constraints.

Some numerical tests are stated to indicate that the algorithm performs effectively and efficiently in pursuance.

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