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आयतन 10, मुद्दा 5 (2021)

संक्षिप्त प्रतिवेदन

"On h-open sets and h-continuous functions

Huseyin Cakalli

The author introduced a new topology depending on the original topology on a non-empty set in the paper entitled”On h-open sets and h-continuous functions” by Fadhil Abbas, published in Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics [1]. However, there are two false theorems and two false examples, namely Theorem 3.5, Theorem 3.8, Example 2.4, and Example 2.5 are unfortunately wrong. 1) Theorem 3.5 is wrong as a counter-example is given in the following


One Dimensional Heat Equation and its Solution by the Methods of Separation of Variables, Fourier Series and Fourier Transform

Lencha Tamiru Abdisa

The aim of this paper was to study the one-dimensional heat equation and its solution. Firstly, a model of heat equation, which governs the temperature distribution in a body, was derived depending on some physical assumptions. Secondly, the formulae in which we able to obtain its solution were derived by using the Method of separation of variables along with the Fourier series and the method of Fourier transform. Then after, some real-life applications of the equations were discussed through examples. Finally, a numerical simulation of the raised examples was studied by using MATLAB program and the results concluded that the numerical simulations match the analytical solutions as expected.


Multidirectional regression analysis

Koen Van de Moortel

The so-called ‘least squares regression’ for mathematical modelling is a widely used technique. It’s so common that one might think nothing could be improved to the algorithm anymore. But it can. By searching the ‘least squares’ not just in the vertical direction The first test results are very promising, and especially for power functions, often used in biomedical sciences, the conclusions you make from your data can change dramatically. Fermat prime exist up to1050.

2021 सम्मेलन की घोषणा

Some Important Properties of Beta Functions

Ibadul Qadeer

In this paper, we discuss some important properties of Beta functions. These properties make the study of these functions more meaningful. Beta function is also known as the Eulerian integral of the first kind.

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