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The Interplay of Loneliness, Mindfulness and Retaining Substance Use Treatment


Elena Fricke*

The interaction between loneliness, mindfulness and the retention of substance use treatment programs presents a compelling avenue for improving recovery outcomes. This abstract explores the nuanced interrelationship between these factors, shedding light on their combined influence on treatment retention. Loneliness, often accompanying substance use disorders, can hinder recovery efforts and contribute to dropout rates. Mindfulness practices offer individuals tools to manage loneliness-induced emotional distress, fostering emotional regulation and self-awareness. The dynamic synergy of mindfulness and loneliness mitigation can positively impact treatment retention rates, as individuals equipped with emotional coping strategies are more likely to persist in their recovery journey. This abstract underscores the potential for integrated interventions that prioritize emotional well-being alongside physical recovery, promoting sustained engagement and improved outcomes within substance use treatment.

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