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Statistical Analysis of the Core Determinants Influencing the Consumers Brand Preference in Generalization of Bath Soaps


Jakkireddy Suresh Reddy, Ramana KA and Mehul Bhandari

The necessity of this study is to identify and analyze the determinants affecting consumer’s preference of bath soaps. Among the factors education, age, income, price, advertisement, celebrity, quality, the factors education, income and product qualities are affecting consumer’s brand preference of bath soaps. With one way ANOVA it had been found that the income factor is influencing the consumer’s brand preference in which the calculated F-Value (2.66522)>F-Critical value (2.24640). With Two way ANOVA without replication it has been found that education factor influence the brand preference, where the calculated value for education, F-Value (3.7956)>F-Critical value ( 3.0069). The calculated F-Value for age factor, F-Value (1.4301)

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