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Performance of Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Involvement Runs by Women Self Help Groups in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu - A Study


Selvaraj N

Entrepreneurs compete in rapidly changing markets and must respond to the challenges of globalization, technological advance and other factors. The contribution of women to the process of development is widely accepted. The concept of women as entrepreneurs is becoming a global phenomenon. Today, all over the world, women play a vital role in the business community. The need of Self help groups growing day by day. Almost 75% of the Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul population depends on Agriculture. The technologies involved in Agriculture are eventually growing. Self Help Groups (SHGs) or Thrift and Credit groups are mostly informal groups whose members’ pool savings and relent within the group on rotational or needs basis. These groups have a common perception of need and impulse towards collective action. Involvement of SHGs with banks could help in overcoming the problem of high transaction costs in providing credit to the poor, by passing on some banking responsibilities regarding loan appraisal, follow-up and recovery etc., to the poor themselves. The Fisher’s Discriminant Function Analysis test was applied to analyse the interest of the independent variables which discriminate the two groups’ namely good performers vs. poor performers in the present study.

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