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Patient with a Pituitary Adenoma Haemorrhage and Total Ophtalmophlegie under Treatment with ASS and Plavix as a Secondary Stroke Prophylaxis


Orlin Pavlov, Mirchev Nikolay, Obersheimer Jens and Behr Robert

In our case report, we discuss a patient, who underwent a dual antiplatelet therapy as a secondary prevention of stroke. To our knowledge, there are no other cases in the literature reviews about pituitary haemorrhage on dual antiplatetelet therapy. The 7th most common reason for intrapituitary haemorrhage is aspirin. However, the risk for bleeding was not considered when a dual therapy was administered.

The patients, who have suffered a stroke, need a suitable secondary stroke prophylaxis. The dual therapy has shown advantages over the monotherapy with aspirin or with clopidogrel. The personal approach to every patient, who has suffered a stroke, has to be taken. The pituitary adenoma can increase the risk for intracranial bleeding, when a dual therapy is used as a second stroke prophylaxis.

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