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On Application of Development of Test Statistic for Testing Unequal Group Variances


Joseph Ayodele Kupolusi and Adebola FB

In this paper, an already proposed test-statistic for testing equality of means under unequal population variances is applied. When the group variances differ, using pooled sample variance will give an inappropriate result as a single value for the variances. This kind of problem in statistics is commonly referred to as Brehen-Fisher problem in the k-sample location problems. A proposed unbiased sample harmonic mean of variances 2 HS was examined and found useful for unequal variances which have received a considerable attention in the area of medical and biological sciences. Little or nothing has been achieved in social sciences that form a major part of this work. Data from the six geopolitical zones on road crashes in Nigeria from the year 2004 to 2013 was used to ascertain the consistency of the result with the literature which was found useful and relevant for the proposed developed test statistic. It was observed that using this proposed test statistic, the number of road crashes was significant in some geopolitical zones in Nigeria which was ordinarily latent to pool sample variance.

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