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Marketing Problems Encountered by First Generation Entrepreneurs - A Study with Reference to Madurai in Tamilnadu


Selvaraj N

Many entrepreneurs manage the take-off stage and fall sick later on. It is also not uncommon that many small scale industrial units after a successful running for so many years may also fall sick due to a sudden competition, non-availability of incentives and concessions and lack of financial and marketing support. Many industrial units, which are apparently healthy, may be within the area of sickness if they are subjected to critical evaluation by supplying certain yardsticks, which tend to measure the financial soundness. The main objective of the study is based on the marketing and location problems encountered by the first generation entrepreneurs. The primary data have been collected from the respondents directly for the period of study is impounded to one year. An attempt has been made to identify the factors which influenced the first generation entrepreneurs to identify their skills. The Subsidies, tax concession, relaxation of norms, may be introduced to new/first generation entrepreneurs. With this solution the problem of first generation entrepreneurs will not come to an end. It is a vibrant and hence an eternal follow-up actions according to the prevailing environment is also to be taken or otherwise the present prevailing condition of the small scale industries, operated by the first generation entrepreneurs will be an incessant one, not only in Madurai city but also everywhere in India.

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