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Managerial Time Management


Ademi N

A large number of business and personal coaches – instructors increasingly promote and teach the problems of time management as a fundamental “tool” for raising productivity and output in the work. Managing the time management in practice means to make changes, all with a view to discover new possibilities in work as well as in life.

A particular dimension in this work is dedicated precisely to time management of managers. The role of why care about time, efficiency and effectiveness in work, improvement, priorities about distinguishing what things are more important and which are more urgent, are treated in a special manner. In continuation of this work, the following question is also posed about giving a stronger impetus and giving an impulse for utilizing time as well as possible and about how to make the most of it and to be more productive. That is an elated matter for all the people participating in the process of work starting from the lowest level employees to the highest managerial levels, that is, the care about time management is of essential significance in this work.

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