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Identification of GSR on Shooterâ??s Hands Using Energy Dispersive Experiments


Mukesh Sharma

Background: Gunshot residues are collected after shooting incident or firearms used, using to determine the composition of the GSR reference by various techniques to
choose methods and techniques most suitable for this type of analysis, such as SEM-EDX, NAA, LBIS and etc.
Objectives: Our proposed study is to determine the elemental analysis of GSR using EDX – 8000 set-up. All the GSR constituents lead-barium-antimony (Pb-Ba-Sb) are
verified in the Indian made ammunition.
Methods: Samples of metallic powder residue were realized after several shoots by different kind of weapons (country made firearms) with local ammunitions. So, this
study was undertaken to develop chemical ballistic specialty in order to improve forensic investigations and drive benefit to Indian police and forensic experts.
Results: Our results reveals that the non-destructive - EDX method is quite adequate to analysis the proposed investigation.

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