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How to Make India a Financially Literate Country Strategies


Chandra Mohan S

The Globe is moving around the clock. The clock which is tagged with the fundamental aspects of the society is working tireless and trying to bring some sense.The one who is unable to sense the tireless meaning are acting in a stringent direction. Here, the logic to understand about the nature and nurturing attitudes of the people comes into picture. Many countries like India with the tagline of developing nation trying to empower but, the three aspects of society like three interim connections of the clock as hours, minutes and seconds-sadism, Leninism and terrorism respectively are paying convention towards the destination of brand deterioration. Here is the time to expel some of the routine habits of the regulators towards the upliftment of weaker sections turnd abysmal. The situation of security and survival become vulnerable some times when regulatory fails to rightly address the problems. Unless and until the people change their attitude, correcting society and nation will become question mark. Many of the severe incidents shared the signals of devastation. This attempt probably generates a kind of sense to feel about the nation.

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