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Growth in the Italian Economy and Tourism: The Weight of the Economies in the Region


Lawes Sosempel*

The challenges in estimating the monetary effect of the travel industry referenced above have not kept researchers from concentrating on the impacts of the travel industry development on financial turn of events. Since Balaguer and Cantavella- defining work. The relationship between international tourism and economic growth and its causal direction have been extensively studied. This section of the literature is centered on the tourism-led economic growth hypothesis, which has its theoretical foundation in the export-led growth hypothesis-related literature. Global the travel industry is a non-standard sort of commodity, described by the way that the purchaser moves, not the item. Demonstrating the travel industry drove monetary development speculation would imply that travel industry could be one of the fundamental determinants of by and large lengthy run financial development. For this situation, a unidirectional causality from the travel industry to financial development would exist.

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