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Forensic Examination of Methanol (Poisonous Alcohol) Detection in Local Beverages of Jharkhand State Using UV/Vis Spectroscopy and Different Chemical Detection Techniques: An Analytical Study for the Purpose of Police Investigation


Pranav Kumar Ray

The study of detection of alcohol in local beverage of Jharkhand state is very needful research for law enforcement agencies and state police authority, because Jharkhand state is very rich in culture and its maximum population in villages or in a small city the people use the local liquors for consumption and sometimes it seems that in certain cases in local beverage founding methanol concentration on it due to that the consumer suffers from it, that’s this study is important for the purpose of helping in police investigation and detection of crime related to illegal liquors cases. In this research study we use both presumptive examination by performing color test and for confirmatory test we analyze by UV-vis spectroscopy.

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