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Fidelity Behaviour of Very Small Craft Enterprises Customers


ADANKANHOUNDE Thierry Mahougnon

There are several references available on the concept of loyalty, its various forms and advantages to enable companies to secure a stable customer base. After a typology of the various major forms of loyalty based on consumer behavior towards products or brands, this paper attempts to identify the various forms of loyalty adopted by the customers of artisanal small businesses. Its main contribution is the correlation established between the various forms of loyalty that can be adopted by the Very Small Enterprises (VSE) customers. The quantitative methodological approach adopted is based on a structured attitudinal questionnaire administered to nearly 419 small businesses. The results show that Very Small Enterprises do not adopt normative fidelity. A correlation emerged between the behavioral fidelity and the attitudinal and affective fidelity developed by the same customers.

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