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City Marketing and City of Tangiers: Case of National Film Festival in Tangiers – Morocco


Ikrame Selkani

Today, we are small towns or big cities, we have all the same concern: to become known and be famous. Having a territorial brand, logo or slogan, is the wish of all cities, and in order to stay connected with their environment that continues to take more and more importance. In most cases, the initiative for cultural activities: festival, etc. are taken by local authorities or the region as a whole. “Culture has become an instrument of a strategy increasingly explicit national and international reputation”. The cultural aspect of each territory: city, region, plays an important role in achieving economic goals, as well as the attractiveness of the latter at national and international level in terms of: tourism, city image. In this article, we will mainly address the following question: what impact plays the national film festival in improving the image of the city of Tangiers?

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