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Artificial Intelligence-based deep learning techniques for anomaly detection in IoT using the latest IoT23 by Google's Tensorflow2.2



Although numerous profound learning models had been proposed, this research article added to symbolize the investigation of significant deep learning models on the sensible IoT gadgets to perform online protection in IoT by using the realistic Iot-23 dataset. It is a recent network traffic dataset from IoT appliances. IoT gadgets are utilized in various program applications such as domestic, commercial mechanization, and various forms of wearable technologies. IoT security is more critical than network security because of its massive attack surface and multiplied weak spot of IoT gadgets. Universally, the general amount of IoT gadgets conveyed by 2025 is foreseen to achieve 41600 million. So we would like to conduct IoT intrusion and anomaly detection systems of detecting IoT-based attacks by introducing various deep learning models on artificial neural networks such as Recurrent Neural Networks, Convolutional  Neural Networks, Multilayer Perceptron, Supervised GAN Adversarial Network, etc in both binary and multiclass classification modes in IoT- cybersecurity. We generate wide performance metric scores such as Accuracy, false alarm rate, detection rate, loss function, and Mean Absolute error.

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