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Approaches in identification of suitable natural anticancer and anti-inflammatory molecules


V Veena

Statement of the Problem: Several herbal and ayurvedic
preparations are currently used to treat the cancer patients.
Although, several herbs used in such treatment contains
pharmacologically important molecules but they are yet to be
identified and their mode of action is not studied in detail.
Cancer is defined as a wound that never heals due to its
complicated cellular organizations. Thus, the main objective of
present investigation was to identify the herbal leads that
target the inflammatory tumor environment through modern
approaches. Purpose: India is the major country that is rich in
the biodiverse compounds to treat disorders through herbal
and ayurvedic approaches. Several natural lead molecules
are being reported and continuously being investigated
globally. The good examples are being curcurmin and taxol
derivatives of natural origin that is effective against cancer
and inflammatory disorders. Identification of small molecule
drugs from herbs by increasing the selectivity towards tumor
is the prime importance of the study. In this context, we have
investigated several diverse herbal lead molecules that aimed
to increase the selectivity and inflammatory aspects of
heterogenic cancer components. Methodology & Theoretical
Orientation: The major photochemical components of herbs
used in treatment of various disorders was screened to
identify an active components based on preliminary studies.
Further, through virtual screening, the compounds were
identified against cancer specific targets by computational
approaches. The results were validated by in vitro interaction
studies and cell-based studies. Findings: The lead molecules
were obtained that can be used for in vivo studies for
development of anticancer drugs. The findings also enriched
the knowledge regarding mechanistic approach of ayurvedic
drugs being used.

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