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Adoption and use of IFRS: Evidence from Brazil


Marta Cristina Pelucio-Grecco, Cecília Moraes Santostaso Geron and Gerson Begas Grecco

We did a survey based on DOI - Diffusion of Innovation Theory, made with preparers and users concerning IFRS in Brazil. Both recognize the improvement in the quality of the accounting information after the Brazilian convergence to IFRS. The Full IFRS adoption contributes to improving the company image, representing relative advantage of accounting and of the preparers, when they are most valued in the market. The analysts trust more in the audited and published statements, though great part of the preparers in general only do it when obligatory. The preparers that work in SME recognize more the IFRS benefits than the ones that work in larger companies. The IFRS financial statements are also utilized for making internal decisions, especially by micro enterprises and by small sized companies. The analysts highlight that they still have difficulties in understanding the financial statements in the light of IFRS.

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