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A Mathematical Model to Describe Sense Ecosystems and Seven Senses


Salmani D, Khaneghah EM, Salmani A and Nobari S

The notion of sense is one of the scopes in which two anthroposophy notions of Reductionism and System Thinking have tangible and objective appearance that with growth and sublimation, the sense of using both contents is proposed as a necessity. The systematic view is used to understand the sense in lower layers according to view of reductionism in meaningful layers. In this article a mathematical pattern for describing the Ecosystem of the emotions is used with redefining the human emotion communications and interactions for recognition and perception of environment and defining the definition of functional distortion in the time of activity emotions. The function of human emotions ecosystem is rational of this content that if an interaction distortion or dynamic distortion happens in the process of answering to emotions, there is a need to end this process. In this a mathematical pattern based time description for happening the dynamic distortion and interaction distortion is proposed.

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